I need to paint like I need to breathe, and I've known it ever since I was a small child. My painting is done entirely on an intuitive level, especially the colour selection. I visualize the outcome for days, weeks, sometimes even months or years before I actually start the physical act of painting. But I never really know how the images will turn out until they are finished, and often I stand back, look at the picture and wonder to myself "Did I paint that?"

My fingers are my most useful tools, painting with them makes me feel close to the painting, more connected, like I have more control of the outcome. Neutral colours were never a part of my visual dictionary, until I started painting the Totem Series; the colours I choose for this series are rich and the paintings are very powerful because of it. 

Detail from Bear Totem

Detail from Bear Totem

My landscapes and flowers are painted in bright, happy colours that scream, "See me and be happy" - my goal is to make people FEEL something when they see my work.

Nature, and the beauty that surrounds us is what inspires me. I like to bring the things that we see on a regular basis to life, and show the viewers another perspective, another way to look at what is around us. 

The Sunshine Coast of British Columbia is my home, where I live on five private acres of trees and gardens with my supportive partner, a Saint Bernard, a Border Collie cross, a cat and an apiary. 

I spend the summers in my flower garden, eating the vegetables I grow, painting and visiting with people who come to my studio and gallery. In the winters, I love to travel and return home to paint. 

In addition to original paintings on canvas and paper, I produce cards and small prints of my work, as well as larger limited edition giclees. My flower images have been reproduced as postage stamps for the Marshall Islands, and are currently being produced as limited edition silk scarves. I also create small one-of-a-kind art blocks, which many people collect. 

If you are interested in a special commission of your home, garden, a photograph from your travels or a landscape you love, or perhaps a beautiful bouquet of flowers you'd like to remember, please do not hesitate to contact me. Creating a special piece for someone, and watching their eyes light up when they first see a painting created especially for them, is part of the joy of being an artist.

I do what I do, because I love it, and because I have to. I paint what I'm emotionally attracted to, what my soul needs me to paint in order to be fulfilled. I am the way I am, because I do what I love.

You can find my Gallery Facebook page here, or if you'd like to get to know me and connect, my personal profile page.